July 17, 2019

Working in a Coffee Shop or Co-working

I was in a Gilbert, AZ coffee shops the other day waiting for my latte and noticed a lot of people on their lap tops, mobile devices etc. working away. Despite the distractions crying babies, energetic toddlers and yappy customer these people were trying to work. The coffee and free WiFi were not the only attraction, the energy of other people around can get the creative juices flowing I guess.

There is a growing trend of “co-working” and “shared work space” which allows people who own their own business and work alone to have a home base and community as well opportunity to network. Most of all it gives them stimulation. Many people use a virtual office for a business address and conference room facilities but having the use of an office or work space is an added benefit for those that like to get out of the house and connect with others. Sharing office suites with others in similar industries e.g. law, legal, counseling can be very helpful to the individual even if they do not work together directly. The opportunity to interact and share knowledge is invaluable. I know this from personal experience when I started my own business. I had plenty of work space at home but it was not stimulating and I was lonely so I rented space in an office suite with some business associates in the same industry. We did not work together directly but we were able to share some resources and often exchanged ideas and information.

I took my latte back to my Gilbert office, enjoyed the view of the lake and got to work along with my office suite compadres! It was peaceful after the crying babies and noisy baristas in the coffee shop, not the best place to get work done for me! I like to take my co-working back to the office.

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