July 17, 2019

Why is Blogging Good for Business

A couple times a month, someone contacts us to ask about blogging, how to get found, how much time it takes, what do you write…. Many people think it is easy, but unless you love to write, or have the time, it is a lot harder than you think.

We know that blogging can be one of your top sources of hits to your website as well as gaining new business. It is particularly useful for building followers especially if you are one of those virtual office people and need create more of a physical presence.

Cathy Ives, an expert blogger from The Optical Vision Site reviews the pros and the cons of blogging.


  • It helps you get found in search engines
  • It helps to build a community
  • It can help you with getting the word out about your products and services
  • It is visual- a huge consumer trend
  • It helps to build relationships
  • It helps to communicate issues on specific topics
  • Solicit feedback and comments from your clients
  • Keeps your website up to date
  • Helps you to become an authority
  • Helps to build keywords and Links
  • Helps to show your expertise
  • You can automatically link your blogs to Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In and other social media sites, which grows your web presence


  •  Takes time- plan on at least 1 hour a week at the minimum – to have any impact the average 1st time blogger spends 5 hours/week blogging
  • Need to blog a minimum of 1 time a week but 5-7 times will grow your presence faster on the web
  • Human resources- who will write the blog? Who will maintain and learn about blogging?
  • Must be consistent
  • Like any job, it can become a chore..
  • Learning a new way of business, can be frustrating
  • If you outsource can cost money

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