June 25, 2019

Working in a Coffee Shop or Co-working

I was in a Gilbert, AZ coffee shops the other day waiting for my latte and noticed a lot of people on their lap tops, mobile devices etc. working away. Despite the distractions crying babies, energetic toddlers and yappy customer these people were trying to work. The coffee and free WiFi were not … [Read more...]

The Virtual Office – A Feasible Alternative

One of the most expensive aspects of running your own business is the cost associated with your office space. The rent for the office, the heating, the electric, the insurance and more; all of these costs add up and make a big hole in your bottom line. You may think that these costs are … [Read more...]

Low Virtual Office Start-Up Costs Attract Entrepreneurs

Want to accomplish more than what you are doing today? Maybe a virtual office can help. If you are a start-up, a virtual office can play a key role in helping you overcome new business challenges and hasten toward your goals. One of the key benefits of virtual offices for new companies is low … [Read more...]

Can a Virtual Receptionist Boost Your Customer Service?

Word of mouth marketing can be a boon for business – assuming the words from your customers’ mouths shed a positive light on your products, services and employees. Assuring positive word of mouth marketing means creating a positive customer experience based strongly on customer service. With that … [Read more...]