May 26, 2019

Fear of Selling

Don't let fear stifle your sales potential. Here's how to keep eight common phobias from holding you back Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. Its grip is strong and persuasive. To be a successful sales pro in any industry, learn to identify and tame your fears, instead of letting … [Read more...]

Turn Stress into Success in the Office

We all have stress and sometimes the pressure gets to the point that you think you might explode. This is not an unusual emotion for professionals not just in the office but anywhere in life.  The conflicts and stress of watching out for employees and assisting management can be overwhelming.Add … [Read more...]

Office Leadership Lessons from Celebrity Apprentice

I don’t know if any of you watch any of the Apprentice series with Donald Trump. The last season was the Celebrity Apprentice (you can watch for free on There are so many lessons to be learned. In fact, I would even recommend watching at an office staff meeting and have an open discussion … [Read more...]

Setting Goals

It is never too late to set goals but if you haven’t set your goals for 2010 yet, the year will be gone before you know it so NOW would be good. December will be here before you know it A New Year, A New You – So what’s your New Year’s resolution? At the start of each year, many people make … [Read more...]