July 17, 2019

What Drives You Crazy in the Office?

I would say my number one beef would be too many meetings! I hate meetings especially when they run too long. Then I would say people in meetings who leave their audible alerts on on smart phones, all that pinging and buzzing very distracting. Actually, this drives me crazy in social situations as … [Read more...]

What Do You Know About Gilbert, AZ?

I just love my office here at Islands Executive Suites in Gilbert with the lake view and easy access to everything I need.  Staring at the lake the other day from my office I wondered about other lake views around the area and I realized I did not know much about Gilbert itself so I went to good old … [Read more...]

Working in a Coffee Shop or Co-working

I was in a Gilbert, AZ coffee shops the other day waiting for my latte and noticed a lot of people on their lap tops, mobile devices etc. working away. Despite the distractions crying babies, energetic toddlers and yappy customer these people were trying to work. The coffee and free WiFi were not … [Read more...]

How To Manage Rude Clients In the Office Environment

Fortunately, with the fantastic client mix we have here at Islands Executive Suites I rarely encounter a rude client  However, I have always believed in ‘you can catch more flies with honey’ philosophy , and it has worked in my favor more times than I can count. One thing that always ticks me off is … [Read more...]

Executive Suites Provide Quick Office Space Solutions

When a local manufacturing rep’s lease negotiations fell through at the last minute on a Friday afternoon, he was desperate for a workplace, as he planned on moving into his new office space the following Monday. He needed a place to work as soon as possible and only for a short time, until he could … [Read more...]