June 25, 2019

Summer Read for Gilbert Residents

Hi there Gilbert, AZ  friends. Are you feeling the summer heat a bit too too much? A good way to to deal with it is to find a cool relaxing spot, grab a cold drink and read a great book set in a cooler clime! – Time for a shameless plug, my sister Veronica Platzer is an author, she is an excellent writer so if you are into the mystery genre and looking for a good read I can highly recommend her books available to download on Kindle for just $2:99 or paper back.

I just started the third one from the Persepolis Series.I can’t wait to find out: “Will Clara be unmasked as Shazza and go back to prison. Someone with an axe to grind is in pursuit of her. The elderly and confused Halligan was given a mobility scooter for Christmas. Perhaps not the best idea with a canal at the end of the garden. Raymond and Ann have yet to recapture the magic they discovered inside the cozy narrow boat. Will they or won’t they re-kindle their love affair. And what about the other characters, Jacqueline, James, Isabelle and Charlie. What is happening to them. What will happen. Read book three to find out but you should start with book one:



Here is the link for the third book:

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