July 17, 2019

Setting Goals

It is never too late to set goals but if you haven’t set your goals for 2010 yet, the year will be gone before you know it so NOW would be good.

December will be here before you know it

December will be here before you know it

A New Year, A New You – So what’s your New Year’s resolution?

At the start of each year, many people make resolutions or set goals. While they have good intentions of achieving these goals, only a few ever make things happen. Why? No plan and no action! Developing an action plan is an important first step on the road to success. Without it, procrastination will delay what needs to be done and prevent you from getting it done.

1. List what you want to achieve (your goal) for yourself and/or your business practice.

2. List what action items are needed to get you there. If you don’t know, do some research! You must break down that goal into several achievable steps.

3. Create a timeline for each action item. List if this a one-time action item with a deadline or an ongoing daily, weekly or month action item.

4. Keep track of your progress and outcomes by listing successes, failures and improvements. Encourage yourself by celebrating successes throughout the year.

5. Keep your action plan visible so you stay focused on the end-result and committed to accomplishing the goal. Let others know about your goal – the support helps to keep you on track.

There are three types of people in this world:

• Those who make things happen

• Those who watch things happen

• Those who wonder what happened

Which are you?

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