July 17, 2019

How To Manage Rude Clients In the Office Environment

Fortunately, with the fantastic client mix we have here at Islands Executive Suites I rarely encounter a rude client  However, I have always believed in ‘you can catch more flies with honey’ philosophy , and it has worked in my favor more times than I can count. One thing that always ticks me off is rudeness especially in an office environment, but that’s obviously not every-body’s gig. Nobody deserves to be verbally or physically abused.

So here are some quick helpful hints to handling Rude office co-workers and clients. I am talking about the client-guest that is verbally abusive, yelling and screaming.

7 Tips to Manage a Rude Client

Determine whether the client or office co-worker really has a legitimate gripe or screw loose.

Firm Up– Let your voice and body language become authoritative and serious. You want to express via body language that you don’t appreciate being yelled at. You are a professional in a professional office environment.

Stay calm– no matter how hard it is.

Call Them Out– State clearly and firmly, you are willing to help, but you are not willing to be yelled at. Be very clear that help will come if they can act like a civilized human being.

No compliance from the client– end the conversation politely but firmly. ‘I would be glad to help you, but cannot do so unless you treat me with respect.

If they calm down– Apologize for the problem and the inconvenience. State you are just as committed to problem solving as they are

Work out the Problem– Communication is established, you are a professional- solve the problem.

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