July 17, 2019

Great Customer Service – Our New Office

One of out tenants here at Islands Executive Suites sent us his Amazing Customer Service experience that was thought provoking. If you think about it, what were your amazing customer service experiences?

‘The other day my wife and I had an appointment to see a design consultant at a flooring tile company. We were looking for flooring for the remodel of her home office. We arrived at exactly on time, 9:00 a.m. on Saturday. We here greeted at the door by a gentlemen who guided us into the showroom and introduced himself as Percy who turned out to be the person we had the appointment with. We introduced ourselves, exchanged greetings and got right down to business.

Having done our homework in advance and sharing that in setting the appointment, he knew the reason for our presence. He led us directly to the material we were interested in. After showing us several colorations of the product, we selected our first choice which we had unofficially chosen before hand on the internet. Our conversation moved forward as we discussed square footage of her office and its consideration on the selection of tile size, laying the tile in certain patterns and how it can create the illusion of more space, the visual effect of grout color and grout lines.

Percy was the consummate professional pointing out items for discussion we had not even thought about for this application and in our previous tile experiences. Percy figured the square footage for the multiple room project, pricing per tile, had us select the grout color, and told us about all the other materials we would need. As our appointment was coming to a close, he provided us with an estimate of the cost of the materials and gave us tile, trim and grout samples at no charge for our keeping. In the hour and a half we spent with Percy, no commitment was made to purchase anything from him. As we exchanged good-byes, I thought to myself, ”when was the last time you had this overwhelmingly positive interaction with a sales person?”

You may be asking yourself about the relevance of my story. Let me make the connection for you. OK, so I am fifty-nine years young! The point is that I have never experienced a similar level of interaction when purchasing anything (with the exception of our office suites manager). Why is that? While I am certain that there are vendors who provide this level of interactions with their customers, my question to you is: Are you one of them? If you are, then I hope the experience you provide gets talked about and generates more business. If you aren’t, then perhaps, Percy can serve to remind us what we are looking for as customers.

One last comment, we have not purchased the floor tile to date but my hunch is we will back to see Percy and order the tile for my wife’s office.’


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