July 17, 2019

Why is Blogging Good for Business

A couple times a month, someone contacts us to ask about blogging, how to get found, how much time it takes, what do you write…. Many people think it is easy, but unless you love to write, or have the time, it is a lot harder than you think. We know that blogging can be one of your top sources of … [Read more...]

11 Keys to Customer Service Principles

Customer Service is your # 1 edge against the competition. We strongly advise that reviewing your customer service principles on a weekly basis and refine, refine and refine, discuss, discuss and talk about it more, so providing superior customer service becomes a habit and a focus of your … [Read more...]

The Simple Things – Random Acts of Thanks

Many years ago, I was in Market Development for a large Executive Suite property . Knowing that ‘thanking a person’ was the number one way of increasing positive relationships with our tenants- we started a RAT Program (Random Acts of Thanks) to our tenants. My budget was $50.00 a month. Every … [Read more...]

Social Media Burnout

I don’t know about you, but I have a case of SOME-BO (Social Media Burnout). Between Google Alerts, Twitter, Facebook, LInked In, Branch-out, Buzz, Google+, Klout, Digg, Stumbleupon, AddThis, Redditt… all the forums, email… I login 7 days a week and usually post something somewhere. I know … [Read more...]

Fear of Selling

Don't let fear stifle your sales potential. Here's how to keep eight common phobias from holding you back Fear is one of the most powerful human emotions. Its grip is strong and persuasive. To be a successful sales pro in any industry, learn to identify and tame your fears, instead of letting … [Read more...]

Great Customer Service – Our New Office

One of out tenants here at Islands Executive Suites sent us his Amazing Customer Service experience that was thought provoking. If you think about it, what were your amazing customer service experiences? ‘The other day my wife and I had an appointment to see a design consultant at a flooring tile … [Read more...]

Can a Virtual Receptionist Boost Your Customer Service?

Word of mouth marketing can be a boon for business – assuming the words from your customers’ mouths shed a positive light on your products, services and employees. Assuring positive word of mouth marketing means creating a positive customer experience based strongly on customer service. With that … [Read more...]

LOVE Your Customer

All of your customers have done something for you – they became your customer, so don’t forget to find a way to say thank you again and again.It’s the little gestures and comments, when least expected, that go a long way. Even a simple hand-written thank-you note is more valuable than most people … [Read more...]