July 17, 2019

Summer Read for Gilbert Residents

Hi there Gilbert, AZ  friends. Are you feeling the summer heat a bit too too much? A good way to to deal with it is to find a cool relaxing spot, grab a cold drink and read a great book set in a cooler clime! – Time for a shameless plug, my sister Veronica Platzer […]

Beating the Heat at Work – Water and More Water

Water is essential for keeping your cool during hot weather. Water keeps your body cool and should be drunk even if you don’t feel thirsty. It’s okay to also drink commercial waters (such as Vitamin Water) or energy drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade but they’re usually not necessary unless you’re deliberately replenishing lost vitamins/electrolytes […]

What Drives You Crazy in the Office?

I would say my number one beef would be too many meetings! I hate meetings especially when they run too long. Then I would say people in meetings who leave their audible alerts on on smart phones, all that pinging and buzzing very distracting. Actually, this drives me crazy in social situations as well, when […]

HSA Information for Small Employers

Are you a small business employer here in Gilbert, AZ? If so you might be interested to know about the: Small Employer Deductible Limit Repeal The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA) initially limited deductibles to $2,000 for self-only coverage and $4,000 for family coverage for health plans offered in the small group market […]

Why is Blogging Good for Business

A couple times a month, someone contacts us to ask about blogging, how to get found, how much time it takes, what do you write…. Many people think it is easy, but unless you love to write, or have the time, it is a lot harder than you think. We know that blogging can be […]

Why Do You Need Plants in the Office?

Studies have shown that live plants in the work space aid employee productivity, aid in concentration, and increase staff well being and morale by up to 47%. (Source TNO Quality of Life Study) Real Plants in a classroom can boost the learning potential for students, according to the Royal College of Agriculture. Real Plants in […]

What Do You Know About Gilbert, AZ?

I just love my office here at Islands Executive Suites in Gilbert with the lake view and easy access to everything I need.  Staring at the lake the other day from my office I wondered about other lake views around the area and I realized I did not know much about Gilbert itself so I […]

Working in a Coffee Shop or Co-working

I was in a Gilbert, AZ coffee shops the other day waiting for my latte and noticed a lot of people on their lap tops, mobile devices etc. working away. Despite the distractions crying babies, energetic toddlers and yappy customer these people were trying to work. The coffee and free WiFi were not the only […]