July 17, 2019

Beating the Heat at Work – Water and More Water

Water is essential for keeping your cool during hot weather. Water keeps your body cool and should be drunk even if you don’t feel thirsty. It’s okay to also drink commercial waters (such as Vitamin Water) or energy drinks such as Powerade or Gatorade but they’re usually not necessary unless you’re deliberately replenishing lost vitamins/electrolytes or energy following a sporting activity. Purchase a durable water bottle or water pack that you can tote everywhere and refill at any safe water tap. The best way to check your hydration level is to measure your urination frequency and color – if you haven’t gone in a while, you need to drink more water and if the color is dark, you need more water.

Freeze a bottle of water to carry around with you. It’ll be solid when you leave the house but the heat will start melting it from the moment you take it out of the freezer and you’ll benefit from the continuously chilled slowly thawing water. Wrap in toweling or similar to prevent water condensation affecting other items in your bag.

Stay away from sugary drinks such as sodas and do not drink alcoholic drinks. Minimize caffeinated drinks, such as tea and coffee because these tend to increase dehydration.

As well as drinking water, use it to spritz yourself cool too. Fill a spray bottle with pure water and place in the refrigerator at home or work. When you feel too hot, spray a fine mist of the cooled water over face and body to help cool you down quickly. Refill as needed and keep refrigerated.


Isn’t it interesting how so many of us are drawn to water? Water soothes us, nourishes us and rejuvenates us. It can also give us a powerful sense of calm—find a little calm in your world today. I stay cool and find my calm just by looking out my window at Islands Executive Suites here in Gilbert,  gazing at the lake and fountain. A small fountain in your office can be very soothing and cooling as well as being aesthetically interesting.

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