July 17, 2019

Avoiding Legal Hassles with Employees

One of the responsibilities I had as an executive working for an optical company with many employees was having to be sure that we avoided legal troubles particularly from within! Usually, any legal problems were a result of employees feeling they were treated unfairly and could have been avoided.  I recently read an interesting article about this subject in U.S. Vision’s Supervisor Support publication (August 09). The original article is by attorney/authors Amy DelPo and Lisa Guerin entitled “Top Tips for Avoiding Legal Trouble with Employees.” In their article, DelPo and Guerin offer these simple tips and they are applicable to any work place, small, medium or large:

  • Treat your workers with respect. Don’t humiliate or treat them badly. Follow the Golden Rule.
  • Communicate with your workers. Always be ready to talk, and respect their ideas.
  • Be consistent. Be fair, and treat all employees equally
  • Give regular evaluations. Don’t neglect evaluations. Handle them properly. They give useful feedback, and might be useful evidence in court.
  • Make job-related decisions. Base all decisions on objective employment criteria and never on a personal basis.
  • Don’t punish the messenger. You don’t want people to hesitate to bring problems to your attention.
  • Adopt sound policies and follow them. Follow company rules carefully and consistently.
  • Keep good records. Record all potentially important employment decisions, including details, reason and results.
  • Take action when necessary. Deal with problems promptly and fairly.
  • Be discreet. Employee matters should be kept in strict confidence. There’s no need to share details with anyone except those who have a right to know – such as human resources.

For the full article and legal resource suggestions go to this link: http://www.nolo.com/

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