July 17, 2019

11 Keys to Customer Service Principles

Customer Service is your # 1 edge against the competition. We strongly advise that reviewing your customer service principles on a weekly basis and refine, refine and refine, discuss, discuss and talk about it more, so providing superior customer service becomes a habit and a focus of your office.

11 Keys to Superior Customer Service

1.) Invest heavily into customers who complain.

2.) Take notes, create checklists and listen to every detail of every complaint to improve your services

3.) Absolute honesty

4.) Adopt a No excuses, no buck passing, no pleas for sympathy philosophy

5.) Never ignore a customer

6.) Continuously study, watch and improve the service process.

7.) Teamwork- Take care of the customer before anything else is done.

8.) Use customer feedback as the measure of performance.

9.) Look at everything through the eyes of the customer.

10.) Empower all employees to serve and surprise customers.

11.) Pay people well for customer service

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